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Custom Websites for Small Businesses

At TeknoFlash, we specialize in creating responsive, interactive, and mobile-ready websites tailored to your business needs.

Perry Short, owner of TeknoFlash, has been creating websites for over 20 years. He has the knowledge and skills to design a professional website to attract new business. He is known for being very personable and easy to work with. He lives up to his promises so that you can count on his commitments!

TeknoFlash can create a customized website with a flexible pricing plan that includes hosting and ongoing maintenance. It will be a website that is friendly, responsive, and easy to use! With an attractive look that is easy to navigate, your customers will have a pleasant experience and continue to return.

Why Choose TeknoFlash?

TeknoFlash creates reponsive websites for small busineese.


Our websites look great on any device, ensuring your customers have a seamless experience whether they’re on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.



Engage your visitors with interactive features that make your website not just a destination, but an experience.


We ensure your website is optimized for mobile users, providing fast load times and easy navigation.


We will creatively customize your website to fulfill your desire, marketing and business needs.

If you don't have your best presence on the web, you don't have your best business!

What Our Clients Say

Awesome Designs

“I really like the creativity TeknoFlash demonstrated when developing my website. They tailored their hosting plans to meet my needs. Since they host my website, they have even recommended updates and enhancements to my site. They have not even charged me when completing them.”

Lance Parker

Parker Photographs

Extremely Knowledgeable

“Perry has been very helpful in getting our new website together and operational. He is extremely knowledgeable and really seems to understand what we want to achieve with our site. I will continue to highly recommend Perry Short and TeknoFlash to anyone needing website development, maintenance, or hosting.”

Jim Wright

Residential Design Solutions

On-Time and Budget

“TeknoFlash provided a professional proposal with a fixed price that was half of the others. Then they completed the site in half the expected time. I really like the simplicity, layout and the way it tones with one of our partner’s website.”

Joe Smiley

Chartterton Storage

Meaningful and Attractive

“Our business was so new that it was a challenge to set up a website that looked attractive and was meaningful. Perry helped us to strike that balance. He did so in a way that made it easy for the site to grow with our business. As importantly, he is an extremely friendly person to work with.”

Stephanie A. Smith

Beagle Bioproducts

We create your website the way you want it, and provide on-going support.

Examples of Our Work

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HLB Lifestyle Website by TeknoFlash, LLC.
Marion County Fairgrounds Website by TeknoFlash, LLC.
Bob Forte Website by TeknoFlash, LLC.
Unique Realty Concultants Website by TeknoFlash, LLC.

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TeknoFlash located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

TeknoFlash is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and provides services throughout the United States.